Difference Between Checkpoint And Lazy Writer


Check point runs in only transaction log fileLazy writer operates from buffer pool
Check point is the logged operation and writes to Tlog fileLazy writer  is the non-logged operation and did not write to Tlog file
Check point can be controlled by user and Sql server engine as welllazy writer only operate by Sql server engine
Check point is the background process which triggers every 3 secLazy writer does not have any fixed time line and only occurs when there is memory pressure in the buffer pool
We can able to track checkpoint into Sql server logs by enabling the trace 3502Lazy writer information cannot be able to track into SQL Server logs.
In memory free pages list not taken care and kept free listIn memory free pages list  taken care and kept free list
We can fire a query to see check point information by using Select * from:: fn_dblog (null, null) WHERE [Operation] like ‘%CKPT’


We don’t have any query to see lazy writer information
Command : Checkpoint  [time in sec]No command available



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